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i kinda want to make a show about white house interns for delilah??? it would be in the style of veep?? idk man im just really into this idea so let me know if you’re interested?? :))))

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btvs appreciation week: [day 1] favorite character → buffy summers

"Oh, it’s not a gay thing! Well, she’s gay but we don’t…gay."

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Delilah Lambert . Actress/Writer . 30 . Charming . Kate Mara

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yo so i have kate mara and i basically don’t have anything planned except that she’s sharon carter in the mcu films so hit me up if you need literally anything/friends/siblings/love thingies okay!!!!!!

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i will get replies done today and i’m also working on a composite film project thing (think ‘love, actually’ or like ‘crash’ where it’s a film made up of different stories that are somehow linked. i’ll have a request up for that soon, let me know if you’re interested!!!!!!!

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Just chopped off my hair for the big 40. Probably buy a red sports car and get a mistress next. - Idina Menzel

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im gonna get requests up for some imdb projects!!!!! if you’re interested in a newsroom type show or a super awesome heist trilogy hit me up k!!!!!!!!

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hi friends!!! im going to go on an ‘itf’s three week anniversary’ shipper spam!!!! so u know leave me links or s/t???

filed under: also i will have posts/red carpets done this weekend too!!!!!. LEAVE ME LINKS YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. sityrp.